Who We Are

A passionate team of talented designers, developers, planners and testers with the diversity of skill and experience to bring our client's projects to life, no matter the size, complexity or innovation required. Based in Essex, just 45 minutes outside of Central London, the Kodur team aim to bring you the highest standards of service with the personal approach of a small business. Our complete life cycle set of skills and bespoke offering means that we can help you at any stage of your project's development. Our goal is to always build long-term partnerships by offering quality and value, We understand that we grow by helping our clients grow.

Kodur grew from a team of people hand-selected to deliver projects for our parent company, NeverWhatIf Group Limited. As an in-house development team we are equipped (and experienced) at working on multiple projects simultaneously, across a variety of industries and requirements. We have successfully developed and released solutions for CaptureHub and AD7, to name just a couple. In 2020, following a number of approaches from third parties looking to utilise the skill set of our development team for their own projects, we decided to launch Kodur.

Meet The Team

  • Blayne Peel, Technical Director

    Blayne Peel

    Technical Director

    Blayne heads up the Kodur team, and has over 20 years' experience in the industry, holding lead roles in design, backend and frontend development.

  • Andrew Moss, Project Manager

    Andrew Moss

    Project Manager

    Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, including TfL, BT and Virgin Media, Andrew’s UX/UI experience is invaluable.

  • Richard Carter, Technical Lead

    Richard Carter

    Technical Lead

    Richard constantly strives to utilise the ever-evolving tech available to ensure a beautiful and functional delivery of all projects.

  • Dean Collins, Lead Backend

    Dean Collins

    Lead Backend

    With a passion for test-driven development and domain-driven design, Dean can deliver complex digital solutions for multiple sectors.

  • Jack Hawkes-Dighton, Head of Design

    Jack Hawkes-Dighton

    Head of Design

    Jacks' eye for detail is second-to-none. During his time as a designer, Jack has worked with huge brands including Sky and Barclays.

  • Vicky Cornforth, Projects Assistant

    Vicky Cornforth

    Projects Assistant

    As Projects Assistant Vicky monitors the completion of every task and stays with a project throughout its life-cycle to ensure the delivery of all requirements.

  • Will Strutt, Technical Officer

    Will Strutt

    Technical Officer

    No matter the complexity of your problem, Will is the guy who can find a digital solution. He excels at problem solving and data analysis.

  • Robert Askam, Senior Developer

    Robert Askam

    Senior Developer

    Robert has 10 years experience working in PHP with brands such as Autoglass, and focuses on Test Driven Development and AI.

  • Charlie Coplestone, Frontend Developer

    Charlie Coplestone

    Frontend Developer

    Charlie loves the diversity frontend offers, especially how the constantly evolving technology allows for the continuous learning of new skills and methods.

  • Karl Kisala, Senior Designer

    Karl Kisala

    Senior Designer

    Karl is our go-to designer for animation and motion graphics. Although skilled as an all-round designer, over the past few years Karl's illustration talents have shone through and his focus is now almost exclusively on video.

  • Mubin Fattoum, Mid-Weight Designer

    Mubin Fattoum

    Mid-Weight Designer

    Talented in UX/UI design, Mubin is one of our strongest web designers and is an expert at working with established brands.